8 The Best Exercises For Women In Their 30 Years ...

I hope to start working when he was 20, and kept the good habit of going. If not, then this is the perfect time to start! Work regularly will help with your energy, endurance and, of course, that will help you lose or maintain weight! If you want to start working on, or are just looking to try something new, I can help! Here is my list of eight training sessions for women 30 years.

1. Yoga
Yoga is about flexibility, and is a wonderful way to relax and unwind, especially with the busy family and working life of women in their 30 years. Why not have two afternoons per week of class, or buy a video and try this at home? It's really a great workout, too!

2. Distance Running
When did you start running or jogging in his thirties, why not kick a little 'and try a mini-marathon, when the joints are still in force? Make sure you have the right shoes, and stop when your knees, ankles, or back can not do it ... what a great workout!

3. Cycling
If running or jogging is too hard on the joints, so why not try cycling instead? It 'a good cardiovascular workout, and can be fun! If you do not want to run outside, or if you want to fit, try riding a stationary bike at the gym.

4. Step
Step is so fun and what a great cardio workout! If you are intimidated or unsure, try a course with a friend ... Most gyms will let you try a class for free, and if you like, try a class that meets once a week.

5. Weight training

If you try to be girlish figure, and avoid the natural hip and disseminate SLIPPER that occurs when children, or that arm flab, we all see every now and then, try adding a couple of days of weight training. Remember, though, that exercise or diet product that promises to help you "lose belly fat" or "losing fat ass" is a common lie - Product does not exist. The only way to tone and cut a workout in the pool, in combination with low-fat, high fiber diet.

6. Elliptical

I know my knees started to hurt in my thirties, after years of distance running, so I moved the treadmill to the elliptical machine. It's still a cardio workout good enough, just outside influence on your knees and ankles.

7. Rower
It is also a good idea to add a couple of days in the weight lifting exercise, and using a rowing machine is a great way to do that! Be sure to use proper form, however, and the weight, or if you have back pain! For starters, leaning forward, then pull back to the right, and the handle is in the abs - does not lean back!

8. Team sports

Hey, you're only in their thirties! You can still participate in team sports! As long as your doctor tells you otherwise, continue to play in softball, volleyball, or Dodge ball league ...

These are just my suggestions a great exercise for women among the 30, but I'm sure there's much more! If you're 30, how to work out, and why? Do you have other suggestions to share? Please let me know!


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