5 Reasons Why Women Can Not Lose

A lot of women trying to lose weight and diet work, but almost all women can become so thin. The researchers found some of the psychological reasons why women can not lose weight, even if they want it so much. Many of us have already experienced: eat less, avoid late dinners, work almost every day, but you can not get the life you want thin and light weight. Here's why.

Reason # 1 Why women can not lose weight

The first reason why women can not lose weight is the unconscious desire of every woman to be fixed. This means that it is to feel great and powerful - this is sufficient to address the problems. Sometimes it is not just a psychological sense, but also a physical, which eat more.

Reason # 2 Why women can not lose weight

The second reason is timidity. Excess weight is a kind of blanket protection for many women. Under this layer can often find a doubter. Scientists say that when there is "too much" for you, helping you cope.

Reason # 3 Why women can not lose weight

Psychological trauma can also be the reason that prevent women from losing weight. Those, who as a child victim of an unpleasant incident, due to its lack of appeal, unconsciously do not want attention. And the best way to avoid attention is the weight gain.

Reason 4 Why women can not lose weight

Many women like to talk about how the fight against overweight and there is no way they can get rid of it. Scientists say women do to make others feel sorry for them.

5 reasons why women can not lose weight

Another reason women can not lose weight is the lack of joie de vivre. When a woman is in a bad mood, the only thing to improve the food.

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Fastest Way To Lose Weight For Women

fastest way to lose weight for women photoHey, let's be honest - for women is really hard to lose weight. If you ever try to do this, you will agree with me. When you start, you might look not so scary, but after a few days, you will realize what a task you have Healy. Finally, it is clear that there is an easy way to lose weight, but is there a quick way to do this?

If you see me now you do not believe this chick was as big as a rhino a year ago. Now I will tell you exactly how I did. I'll show you the fastest way to lose weight for women with a few simple exercises.

Now, my fastest way to lose weight for women:

Have you heard of yoga? Yes, this is a secret. You have to do some type of squat. This is called the Hindu squats squats. This exercise is very effective and is actually one of the fastest way to lose weight for women. The best part is that it is possible for all women to do this and do not require any additional weight or sport! Watch the video and see how easy it is - just set your feet apart with six inches 15:00 pm. After that just start squating and return. Start slowly and then faster and faster.

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Fastest Ways To Lose Weight Naturally

The fastest ways to lose weight naturally, the fastest ways to lose weight at home, for better quickest ways to lose weight for Men

Only will you lose weight if you are really ready for it. You must change your life and eating habits.

1. Try to be realistic goals, such as 5 pounds for 1 month.

2. Begin the exercises daily without fail.

3rd Change your lifestyle. Instead of taking the elevator, try using the stairs.

4. Eat high-fiber foods like whole wheat bread, beans and bananas.

5. Choose foods you like. Eat healthy foods. You do not have to follow a strict weight dieting.Losing does not mean eating food.

6. Eating smaller meals a day. Eat five or six times a day keeps blood sugar at an optimal level.

7. More full-bodied green vegetables and juicy fresh fruits in the diet.

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