40 Quick Way To Lose Weight

A quick way to lose weight, my fellow reader, in fact, you will be surprised how many there are. Our editorial team has compiled a list of 65 ways to lose weight that work best, and everything you need for these tips to lose weight for you is a little consistency and determination. So if you just start losing weight, or has reached a plateau after heavy for a few weeks, here are some creative and safe ways to lose weight fast that works for you. Also remember that the quickest ways to lose weight, here are healthy and safe because it is the only way to achieve constant term weight loss long.

Here they are:

The fastest way to lose weight

1. Use the stairs instead of elevators

You've probably heard before, but did you try it? A good friend of mine lost 15 pounds in a few weeks by simply taking the stairs of her building. Depending on the intensity, you lose about 300 calories in 30 minutes to take the stairs and you'll improve your heart condition at the same time. Just make sure you take the stairs are safe, clean, well lighted and ventilated to make it a pleasant experience.

2. Not finding a parking space near the

Instead, the park further and walk! In a weekend, you can even save time by not driving in circles hoping to find a nice place near the mall entrance. Lose weight and gain time to time? Sounds like an easy way to lose weight fast for me!

Avoid the middle third of the grocery store

This is where all processed foods are. Instead, try to stick on the edges of the store where fresh produce, whole grains and dairy products. Personally, I love the display of flowers and fruits and vegetables from the entrance. Fill your basket and do not feel the need to put more things in your cart as you approach the halls of the medium. This way, you will be able to store healthy food with fewer calories is going to be easy to lose weight quickly. You can also see at least seven calories of food for some good food advice.

Fourth Keep a food diary

When the notes in a notebook or on the phone to record everything you eat and drink during the day would be a good way to control what happens on a regular basis. Try a week and review the notes. You can clearly see all the healthy choices that do not, and all that we still have a job next week to continue to lose weight. Not sure where to start? Nice to see these tips to keep a food diary.

Fifth prepare your own meals at home instead of eating out

Not only do you

know that the only good fresh ingredients used to prepare a meal, you also know that there was a strange unwholesome things, such as MSG, is added to food. Portions in restaurants are 2-3 times what it should be, and at home, you can make the components that are of normal size. Ask what foods are best quick weight loss? See a list of 7 healthiest foods to get the idea of ​​weight loss.

6. Read what the portion size is

Another important thing is how much food is a normal serving. A serving of meat or fish, should be the size of a deck of cards. A portion of almost everything else must fit in the palm of your hand. Above all, if you feel full, do not you eat whatever you have left on your plate. Listen to your body and you will know when is the right time to stop.

7. Be a simple slice of bread

It is best to avoid bread altogether, but if you must have some, choose whole grain bread instead of white bread treat. It has fiber and it has a lot less calories. And it tastes better too! It may take some time to start eating less bread, but once you do, you will see that this is probably one of the most effective ways and faster weight loss.

8th alarm Soda

That will be perfect for your weight loss if you stop drinking soda altogether and replace it with water. However, it is not an easy habit to break. So if you can not live without their favorite drink at least switch to diet or zero calories and try to have less of it. Assuming you drink 16 ounces a day, you will save over 43,000 calories per year for soft drinks and trenches will be a great improvement for the progress of weight loss.

9th Ditch filling salad dressing and other

Salad with plenty of green leafy vegetables are wonderfully nutritious and low in calories, unless they are covered in salad dressing and croutons. One of the fastest ways to lose weight is that the salad all you can not replace the dressing with vinegar, olive oil and lemon juice. Your body will expend more energy in digesting the salads out of them, they will lose a few kilos, as never before, if you start to eat some salad dressings without traditional newspapers.

10th Drink 8 ounces of water before eating a meal

Try drinking a lass of water 15 to 20 minutes before your meal. Thus do not dissolve in the stomach juices that you need to digest, and you will be able to take the edge off your hunger. And therefore eat less - than a quick and easy way to lose weight, right?

11. Eat 5 meals a day rather than three large

The more you eat, the less you feel hungry before each meal, which inevitably leads you to eat less when you eat more often. Just make sure the snacks you two between meals is really healthy. Boiled eggs, or a piece of chicken and a salad is the perfect choice. If you decide to have a yogurt or fruit, it was after your salad or protein snack. If you need a little help, take a look at this list of where to eat five times a day.

12. Eat slowly

Our bodies do not register they are full and satisfied for 15-30 minutes after we get full ... Eating slowly will ensure that you do not over-stuffing when you do not even say that! As our saliva contains enzymes that help break the food down while continuing to chew, so the closer you are, when chewed, the more healthy nutrients, you will be able to leave the food you eat. Try to chew each piece for 7-10 times before swallowing and to see the difference - not only will you feel fuller faster, you will also have better digestion and better overall health in a few weeks. And the end result - the weight melt!

13. Drink plenty of water, especially if you're hungry

If you're hungry, you feel thirsty, as before, the thirst leads to hunger in our brain. So try drinking some water and within minutes if you are still hungry before enjoying a snack. Drink lots of water is generally very beneficial to your health and drinking water can help you lose weight faster. See the waterways helps to lose weight to learn more.

14. Do not skip breakfast

This is the food that feeds your body with its busiest ... and studies have shown that eating a healthy breakfast helps you lose weight faster. Make sure your breakfast contains a large amount of complex carbohydrates (good bowl of oatmeal is the perfect example). If still hungry, you can add a little protein (eggs) and vegetables. Check out these 7 healthy breakfast options to start the day for other ideas healthy breakfast.

15. Keep healthy snacks with you

A small container of salad, grape, apple, even a few rice cakes flavored low-calorie is. If a snack attack hits, you're ready ... and will not have to seek high-calorie, high fat junk food in vending machines! Crave something tasty? Check out these top six delicious low-calorie snacks.

16th Turn off the TV during and after dinner

During dinner, turn off the TV and watch what you eat, just by looking at the food in front of you and chew carefully, it will make you feel full faster and help you digest food. Then, load the dishwasher and take a walk at a brisk pace. It may not seem like much, but you will not believe how much less you eat with the TV if you have had your dinner in front of a screen of silver on a regular basis, this could be one of the most effective weight loss fast!

17th Stand up and spend the day

If you get stuck at a desk all day, take a little 10-minute breaks for walking, climbing stairs, or sneak in a little yoga. Find a colleague who also wants to lose weight and do the little things together. Get ideas for seven exercises you can sit and use the quick way to lose weight on a regular basis!

18. Go extreme and take a coach, if you can afford

Someone is paid to help you lose weight safely, quickly and efficiently - just a personal trainer. Just make sure to choose a personal coach, someone who inspires and motivates you and who really do not like as a person and as a professional. Check out these tips that will help you choose the right personal trainer. In order to reduce the cost of training sessions, you can share sessions with a family member or friend. This does not make the exercise less, but you need to cut the cost by 55-60%.

19th Be inspired - the fastest way to lose weight mental

It may sound cliché, but it works! Hang a picture of you look not-quite-thin on your fridge, with a different image of the shirt you covet, so each time you open it for a snack, you remember why you change all these habits. Sounds like a quick way to lose weight, right? Wait to see how it works!

20. Surround yourself with healthy, positive-minded people

You will be directly and indirectly encourage each other, which can often make all the difference. The targeted environment you have, the process easier and smoother the weight loss will be for you. Therefore, a subscription to the gym or any other type of classes where people also work for weight loss will be perfect. You have a group of people who pursue the sa

me goals as you and they will give you both the motivation and support to move forward.

Go 21st - find a training buddy that will help you stay on track

It can be a family member, friend or colleague. The most important thing is, this person would have been as motivated as you, and when you find the right person, losing weight quickly is a piece of cake for both.

22. Sneak in some exercise every day, even if the workplace

It would be one of the fastest ways to lose weight there. If you are busy at work and can barely squeeze in some time for proper training, try to do these great exercises for not leaving your desk. 10 minutes of them per day and in a few weeks, you'll find your muscles more toned and the fat disappears.

23. Do not forget to breathe when exercising

The more oxygen you have distributed throughout the body, the more fat you burn. Take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds, exhale slowly. Practice a bit and the easy way to lose weight becomes a habit, before you know!

24. Doing 15-40 minutes before breakfast in the heart

It may be a short walk (your dog should be happy with it), or a little cleaning or washing of their favorite songs, as long as your heart rate goes up to 120-130 beats per minute, was the burning of fat. And the more kept high like that, more fat is burned. Just be sure to get your healthy breakfast afterwards, which should be within an hour after waking.

25. Dance!

Dance as often as possible. I know some of us, it is better to do with the doors closed, and so be it! Just put in your favorite record and make these moves! Not only the dance is to help you lose weight fast, will also help reduce stress levels and improve coordination and flexibility. Now it's a win-win all!

26th Get an exercise DVD to please lose weight

There are hundreds of exercise DVDs available, and you're sure to find one that will keep you going. Select the Boot Camp, "Aye aye, sir!" Love kilts countries, such as sports Pussy Cat Dolls, and every type of yoga and pilates in the middle, you can use the DVD to find the best weight loss goals. All you need is to decide what is best for you and intensive.

27. Reward yourself for progress

And that's the best part! Small set of achievable goals (like losing 2 pounds), and when this is done, please reward you. As a child, I found something even small shops, nice to be more motivating. A bracelet or a new fashion and new super bright the little things that help me stay the course and continue to lose weight!

28. Use a tape measure

Sometimes when you start working in the gym, your weight remains the same, they develop muscle weighs more than fat you burn. It can be very disappointing not to see how it moves the arrow. So to see your progress, you may want to start measuring with the tape measure to see how many inches have melted your waist, hips, arms and legs.

29. Start reading fitness magazines, books and weight loss e-books

This is one of my favorite quick way to lose weight. As with everything else, the loss of more weight to surround yourself with the progress weight faster, easier and more effective loss should be. After all, losing weight is to create the right environment for the healthy and correct way of thinking! And what can help better than self-education?

30. Do not give up

Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight can tell you that no matter how much you want to achieve your goal weight, there will be a moment (or moments) when you feel like giving up. It can be a physical problem, such as catching a cold or emotional nature, like running into your ex and his new girlfriend. But whatever it is, the only way to get through this is to give you some time to be sad and then and only then go back to what you did to lose weight fast. Do not think that's all over because you missed three classes of yoga, jumping back where you left off, and lose the extra weight you will be easier and faster than you think!

31st Ask your dessert after a good meal

The big mistake many of us are doing is having a dessert rather than a good meal to keep calories down. But the thing is, while the arrow has fresh blood sugar, which leads automatically to store fat, no matter what you put in your mouth later. But if you have a real meal first (complex carbohydrates, vegetables, proteins) and then have your dessert, your blood sugar will go smoothly, without creating a peak without storing fat. Now that we know is best for dessert, let's see what desserts with less calories!

32. Drinking a cup of coffee after a meal

If you're a coffee addict like me, this is a quick way to lose weight really useful. The only thing to remember is to not drink coffee or coffee with sugar between meals, but - in the future. If the coffee comes from sugar or other sweetener, or if it contains milk, it will act in the body the same way to the desserts. Milk contains lactose, which is read by our body as sugar and also will store fat if you have not had a good meal before. If you absolutely must have a cup of coffee at work all day in the period between meals, try to get an espresso or black coffee without sugar. It may taste different at first, but within a week will not even be able to take coffee with sugar again.

Get enough sleep 33rd

Each has its own minimum requirements when it comes to sleep, but I would say anything between 7-9 hours per night would work for most of us. If you get the right amount of sleep, your metabolism will stabilize and that will inevitably help you lose weight fast. See other amazing health benefits of sleep for more.

34. Reduce stress

Although public opinion, many gain weight when they are under a lot of stress. And there are some reasons for this: stress causes many of us eat food that comforts a lot more than we usually do, and it also throws off balance the metabolism, making it difficult not to put extra weight. So try not to stress the little things, Surround yourself with positive people and experiences, and you can easily begin to lose weight who are struggling under pressure. Watch these 10 Stress Busters ideas more effectively, and remember that relaxation is one of the fastest ways to lose weight.

35. Enjoy a party

Depending on your weight loss goals, set the days will allow you to enjoy a party can be a dessert or your favorite beverage or something else preventing weight loss. To me, having a chocolate cake once a week has worked well, long before I used to have sweets every day. Choose the most difficult day of the week for you and your treatment soon after a good meal that day. Not only help you with the desires, but also help make the day more enjoyable. And do not worry, a dessert after a good meal once a week will not hurt your progress of weight loss. As long as you keep the application of other methods to lose weight fast in this list.

36th Get enough rest after a workout to allow muscles to recover

After exercising muscles feel bad and will need time to recover. Depending on the severity of pain, you may want to leave that particular muscle group, outside the exercise for 1-3 days. The day you wake up and the muscles are not so bad, you're good to go to train that muscle group again. It will also help increase the consumption of protein when you feel bad. For women, on average, should be 2 ounces (60 grams) of protein per day, an ounce of lunch and dinner with a bit if you feel unwell after training. The protein helps repair muscle tissue quickly broken. And as you know, the more muscle you have, the more power these muscles are consumed, and therefore the faster weight loss, your progress will be.

37. Do not keep junk food

This is also one of the most effective ways to lose weight, the Ladies. Just do not buy junk food and not take it home, it's so easy! You can not lose what you have. Well, even if they do not take it, you have no choice but to be something else, instead of a lot healthier. When I start to like French fries, for example, I just microwave a potato big one, and is a bit 'sour cream and spices. It tastes delicious, and lust? They went for a moment I think I'm getting a baked potato! Asking what other foods beside obvious junk foods are bad for you? Check out this list of 12 fattening foods more surprising that it should also be avoided!

38. Allow you to slip

Successful weight loss can occur without a slip here and there. Do not worry, it's normal route to deviate from time to time, I would say it is for the inevitable. So please, do not beat yourself slipping up may have been or will be in the future. The only thing that matters is that you still want to lose weight, and you! As long as you continue to follow this guide to ways to lose weight on a regular basis.

39th Find a celebrity who will inspire you

From Oprah to Jennifer Hudson, full of Hollywood celebrities who have lost dozens of books at some point in their lives. And guess what? Despite their wealth, they had to do the same things we do to lose weight quickly, such as exercise, a healthy diet and healthy. Why not choose a celebrity who likes and who can inspire them to make changes? Develop a poster or a photo of this celebrity in his name, before and after weight loss and processing as a source of inspiration! Remember, the feeling of inspiration is essential as one of the fastest ways to lose weight!

40. Find out which foods are good and which are bad for you

To lose weight quickly, you may need to know which foods from the diet to use and are not really. This may seem easy, but believe the number of foods considered healthy diet, when in fact they are not! Check out these 50 healthy foods from outside the list of grocery shopping for weight loss to know what foods contribute to a healthy diet and the 10 worst foods for your hips to know what you might want to stay away.


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