10 Best Exercises To Lose Weight Fast

girls! 18 Industrial Revolution a century has brought about many positive changes, and welcome to the sight of people, at the same time, many negative things associated with these benefits suggested in the past it was customary to enjoy exercise and perform daily activities without the aid of a machine or robot, even though there was nothing at that time. But now the machines are cemented a fundamental place in our lives and has made human life much more convenient and easy. "'Son, go to fetch water from a well" .. This is really for people like you remain calm. Now you are connected to the engine and pull it over the water than earth.

10 best10th Escalade

It is a combination of cardio and resistance and is a useful exercise to burn body fat. Well, it is difficult in its way, but it's good for you.

9. Racquetball

You need a lot of strength in the sport and is a very high intensity exercise. Try to be part of your routine or play on Sunday.

8. Camber

At first glance, it seems a simple exercise, but do not underestimate on this note. It is a very effective exercise and ten minutes of jumping rope is equal to eight minutes of the race. This exercise will degenerate your cardiovascular endurance and agility.

7th Swimming

My favorite!. When I was in college, I suffered a ligament injury playing football. I'm so mad as a badger when it comes to running / jogging, but the doctor advised me to refrain from this activity because it will aggravate my injury. Then he told me to swim as far as I can. All of you who have some type of injury but is eager to lose weight, swimming is the best solution for you.

6th Cycling

The effectiveness of this exercise depends on the speed and endurance. It targets the muscles of the thigh and calf and can do wonders for you as you lose weight.

5.Step Aerobics

Target areas of this exercise are the legs, hips and buttocks. This exercise burns calories and its effectiveness depends on the speed and height of the march.

4. Rowing

This, in the thigh muscle is able to lead the force and the race is an incredible workout burns calories-. And 'well if you can keep it about 30-40 minutes.

Ski 3.Cross

Here all the major muscles of the body is actively involved and is a combination of strength and operating ardi. Unhappy is he who has received a lot of snow around him, and he did not go skiing.

2. Elliptical

It has a small effect on use, and is best suited for those who have suffered damage and can not function properly or jogging. It combines the heart of drag racing, and you can burn more calories than when you do.

1. Execution

Each mile you can lose about 100 calories. He is one of the practice of weight loss most effective for you. Now is the chance to require an expensive pair of Nike runners of your parents, because your parents want you to lose weight. If they want you to lose weight, if you want a nice pair of joggers running.


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