Exercises For The Thighs Of Cellulite

Cellulite is a curse for women. Cellulite is actually fat and commercialization of products that you think is something different and can be treated with creams and lotions, which is not true
The main reason of cellulite is the food and lack of exercise. Forms calories too much fat / cellulite and lack of exercise leads to slow the flow of blood and tissues of poor nutrition.

Do my exercises for cellulite thighs, but remember to follow a healthy diet with a calorie deficit and exercise program weekly, or you'll never get rid of cellulite.

Exercises for the thighs of cellulite

Do the following circuit 3 times.

1. Step up to the knee on a chair + + + back step back down - 10 reps per leg

This exercise is a whole leg - inside, front and back. It also challenges the belly.

Face chair, a step in the right leg and pull up a chair, lift left knee, get off and take a step back to left foot, the right to return the food down.

This exercise is safe for your knees if you see your knees never go on your toes. So do it slowly and control every movement, because the balance is a key to the exercise safely.

Beginners can do this exercise on the floor (no chairs)
2. Simply press a section of the hip - 10 repetitions with each leg

This exercise improves blood flow to the back of the thighs and buttocks.

Lying on the ground, put your feet on a chair. Extend the right leg, left heel on the chair support. Keep the right leg, near the chair, not cause, because there can be no tension in life. Lift the dough and the top position to another as efficiently as possible.

Beginners do this exercise with both feet on the chair is even easier with the feet on the ground.

3rd Push up + right knee on his left arm to his left knee + right arm - 10 reps

This complex exercise involving many muscles (chest, arms, back, abdomen), and consumes much energy. Compound exercises are good for burning fat. You do not really feel your stomach after.

Taking the position of push up, push it up, then push your right knee toward your left arm, step back and push your left knee toward your right arm.

4th Sitting on a chair + + jumpers knee raise - 10 reps

This exercise is in the thighs and abdomen, and also bring a lot of oxugen. Oxygen participates in changing the stored fat into energy - you need a lot of oxygen, and this procedure, because the heart is a popular fat burner, but there are better ways of running on a treadmill.


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