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Some of the questions usually come to mind when you want to join a weight loss program. What programs or products really work? Are they safe? You really get the results you say? Should I use supplements or diets or exercise? What is the best program for me? Well, let me give you some guidance in this area. I will discuss why you should focus on fat loss not weight loss. When you focus on losing fat instead of losing weight, you are heading in the right direction to a fat loss program responsive and effective. Let me explain.

Weight loss industry has $ 55 billion a year business. Marketing in the diet, diet foods, supplements, weight loss products and systems used to help people lose weight is a highly competitive business. As such, many of the false and misleading statements of some companies to offer the sale of interests in this lucrative market.

For example, draw weight control programs or more power allows you to use their program with claims such as "you will lose 30 pounds in 30 days." The most ridiculous claim I saw was made from a nutritional supplements company, who claimed that their product could "blow up 49 pounds off user in only 29 days, obliterating two inches off my waist and thighs zap 3 inches, without a plan or exercise. "Needless to say, struck with the FTC an injunction against this company for their obviously false claims.

There is a weight loss of several diet programs that claim you can lose a lot of weight in a short period of time. Some of these claims are false. Moreover, some of them are true, but the rapid weight loss is dangerous and unhealthy for you. If you are in the "market" looking for ways to reduce your weight, need to be educated about the approach is more efficient, safer and healthier for you.

The ultimate goal of losing weight is to lose body fat only. Many weight loss programs will help you lose weight fast. But many of the quick weight loss programs make you lose muscle with fat. Any program of rapid weight loss that claims you can "lose 30 pounds in 30 days" will probably cause you to lose muscle with fat loss. This is self-defeating, because muscle uses energy to function and muscle loss will further decrease your metabolism, which reduces your ability to burn fat. This is why you should participate in a program that focuses on fat loss instead of weight loss.

Losing fat is about to create the energy deficit. To lose fat, you must sacrifice more energy than the ingredients (food and drinks). This situation creates the energy deficit is made up of stored carbohydrates, stored as fat or muscle tissue. The trick is to create the energy deficit so that saves your muscles and fat used primarily to finance the shortfall. "Crash" or starvation diet, resulting in excessive energy deficit, leading to a consumption of fat and muscle to meet the deficit.

Effective fat loss program should be designed to remove fat safely and sensibly to lose fat and lose inches not just pounds. To reach this fat loss program is designed in three main components:

Strength training - to create an energy deficit while sparing the muscles is used to fill the energy gap, and also build muscle to boost metabolism.

Cardio training - to create the energy deficit and to improve the strength, energy and heart health.

Balanced diet - to create a mild caloric deficit making the selection of appropriate foods and portion control.

Effective fat loss program should be designed to achieve weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week (or 1% of body weight per week). Weight management experts, doctors, weight loss and obesity experts recommend these steps for any rational, safe and effective in weight or fat loss program. Greater weight loss per week can lead to muscle loss.


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