Ways To Lose Weight, It Really Works

1. Travel in a remote desert, with no preparation (no cards, food, housing, etc.) - You'll be sure to get out of it to have lost weight, so if you come out alive!

2. Embark on an adventure doomed romance - This was suggested by some friends. It seems that many women and some men are very concerned when you know that a relationship will end as they lose weight. Of course, I also saw women and men begin to eat like crazy after the relationship has ended, then it could be a double edged sword. Beware!

3. A contract with a terminal illness - diseases always cause weight loss, and usually lots of it.

4. Become addicted to opiates, amphetamines, etc. - I do not say it unless your name is Charlie Sheen or Robert Downey, Jr.

5. Food poisoning - I suffered from food poisoning at least 12-15 times (I made many trips). Every time I think I lost an average of 10 + pounds. I can vouch for it.

6. Substitutes Candy laxatives - I do a lot of origin, which means that you lose weight. It can also be a fun party trick!

7. Burn more calories than you consume! - LOL! Just kidding. We all know that does not work! Furthermore, it should work


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