Lose Weight With Balanced Meals May Be At Risk

Obesity is a problem that has spread throughout Spain, as we have shown that the health ministry said recently that 10 percent of Spain, a kind of overweight, which increases health care spending is 10 percent .

We must also take into account the percentage of cases of childhood obesity, which has become a serious health problem in the country. For example, a recent study, AVENA (Food and assessment of nutritional status of adolescents) has been known that adolescents are overweight or obese than 300 percent more than the 20 year old. So men have higher rates of overweight and obesity at 25 percent, while women in numbers 19 percent higher compared to previous years.

Taking into account the fact that people are unfamiliar methods to lose, "said the Institute of obesity than the diets containing light foods like salads, fruits and liquids are not appropriate, and not keep good balance of nutrients for the body that the body may suffer future ii. Therefore, it is best to eat a balanced development, both to gain weight, lose.


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