Tabe Mane PA 5 Kilos

The weight loss of 5 pounds in a month

There are many ways to lose weight by 5 pounds in a month, or rather, there are many variations of a number of factors to be taken into account, the pillars to lose 5 kilos in 4 weeks just does not change: diet, exercise and strength mental.

In fact, weight loss of 5 pounds in a month, you should eat fewer calories at lunch, and this is achieved by diet alone. It should also accelerate the loss of calories through physical activity. Mental toughness is required for normal reasons diminishes always the case.

Maar ruokavalio kaloreita see Rajat is 20% koko kuin Katt, see laska was linkkiä: kaloreita päivittäin laskeminen tarvitaan

Exercise program to lose 5 kilos in 4 weeks

You have two basic choices: aerobic and muscle strength in both burn 500 kcal per day at least. In aerobics, 75 pounds to travel at a speed of 16 km / hour for 60 minutes, or run at a speed of 8 km / hour for 50 minutes. The weight training is more difficult to calculate these figures. You can take examples of the following links:


* The routine aerobic pour les debutants

* Video of aerobic exercise for weight loss

* Spinning video luokka

A combination of both types of exercise is as follows:

* Video kuntopiiri laihtuminen

The estimate of the amount of calories that removes each physical activity you do what you have to:

* Calculation of calories

Mental strength is needed to maintain over time in the program and achieve the desired success.

5 pounds in 4 weeks bulk is a very short time with a significant weight loss, slightly more than the recommendations of health organizations as the American College of Sports Medicine, which suggests a maximum loss of 1 pound per week. Therefore, consult a professional who can assess your situation exactly overweight to prescribe the program.


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