The Exercise Plan For Women

Women's bodies react to exercise the same way as men. The main difference is usually in the fitness goals. While men often want to increase the size of their muscles or participate in weight training, women are generally more concerned to burn fat heart and who want to avoid resistance training for fear of bulking up. To a large number of repetitions with low weight and do only one or two sets will allow women to tone their muscles without increasing their size. Cardio can be done to maintain a trim waistline.

Step 1
Getting your heart with a cardio five days a week for 30 minutes or more, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Increase time between 60 and 90 minutes if you try to lose weight.

Step 2

Do weight training three days a week to improve muscle tone or two days a week to keep it, as recommended by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Ball push-ups, rows of wire sitting and holding a ball squats to work the chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs and heart.

Step 3

Be between 12 and 25 representatives of the exercise ball push-ups Fri Lie face down on stability ball. Walk your hands forward so that the ball rolls on the hips. Start your arms and hands under your shoulders. Keep your feet off the floor. Bend your elbows and lower chest as close as possible to the floor. Press your arms straight back to a representative. Roll the ball back so that both the thighs, legs or ankles to increase the difficulty of use.

Step 4

Sit on stability ball cable lines. Do the same number of repetitions, as the push-up ball. Hold the handle against the band in each hand and wrap the noose around the end of a pole or heavy piece of sports equipment at chest level. Start with arms extended and palms facing upward. Pull your arms straight back by bending your elbows and try to bring your shoulder blades together. At the palms facing up, and you should stand up straight all the time. Extend your arms straight back, so that a representative. Use heavier cable to make this exercise more difficult over time.

Step 5

Stand with your feet apart to do squats. Maintaining the stability ball, arms outstretched in front of you at chest height. Bend your knees and your back with your hips as if a chair behind you. Tilt the upper body forward at a slight angle. Move over to the back straight to finish an essay. Do not lower the arms or the ball at chest height at all times. Is it the same number of representatives who took the other two exercises. The use of wrist weights or hold a medicine ball instead of a stability ball for this exercise more difficult.

Step 6

Repeat all the exercises in the order only once for a total of two sets per workout. You can work up to three if you choose.

About the author

Sarka-Jona Miller has been a freelance writer and editor since he graduated cum laude from Syracuse University in 2003. It was a personal trainer for four years with certifications from the AFAA and NASM. Miller also worked at 24 Hour Fitness and Gym Los Angeles as a driver coach. His career in the fitness industry began in 2000 as an expert in martial arts, yoga and group exercise instructor.


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