Exercises For The Arms Of Women

There are many big arms exercises for women who can help strengthen and tone the muscles of the arm. The three main areas you should focus on the biceps, triceps and shoulders, if you want to look sculptural arms. Your biceps are located in the anterior part of the upper arm muscles and triceps are located on the back of your arms in front of the biceps.

For tone arms, you must include exercises biceps, triceps exercises and shoulder exercises in your workout routine in the arm. And faster results, your workout routine includes cardiovascular exercises that involve your arms, such as rowing, boxing, kickboxing, swimming, etc. See below for some great exercises for the arms to women.

Exercises for the Arms FOR WOMEN

Pyramid Pushup

• Phase 1 - normal pushup position hands in a triangle with the nose, fingers touching.

• Step 2 - Go down until you have a few inches above your hands, then a pause of 2 seconds.

• Step 3 - Return to start and repeat.

T pushup

• Step 1 - Start the pushup position

• Step 2 - Perform a pushup, and up, rotate your body and lift your right arm up toward the ceiling.

• Step 3 - Return to start and repeat with the other arm.

Cobra Pushup

• Step 1 - With your hands on the floor, just over the shoulders and legs slightly wider than your hips, walk your feet forward in the pike position.

• Step two - Immerse the bottom, first with his chest and stomach, hips and legs until your body is flat.

• Step 3 - Turn around and go back to the pike position. Now back to the beginning and repeat.

Decline pushup

• Step 1 - Start with a regular pushup position and walk your feet forward until your hips to reach levels of 90% (in a pike position).

• Step 2 - Lower your upper body down and back, so be sure to use only the upper body strength and not the legs.

• Step 3 - Back up and repeat.

The exercises for the arms above the women are great because they exercises strengthen the biceps, triceps and shoulder muscles at once.


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