Why Women Lose Belly Fat Is So Important

A strong stomach is flat and the ultimate symbol of sex appeal. Also research, it was found to lose belly fat for women is a very important step to staying healthy for life.

Although it is established that excess fat is unhealthy, if the fat is distributed is also very important. The people are the fattest in the abdomen or apple-shaped bodies have a higher risk of heart disease and diabetes than people with more fat breakdown hips, buttocks and thighs.

Abdominal fat has been linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even cancer. Belly fat by the liver such flows, causing a fatty liver, which increases the risk factor for insulin resistance and cause diabetes.

How to lose belly fat women

The best way to lose belly fat is to eat the right foods that burn belly fat and exercise regularly planning for women to lose belly fat. My desire to lose belly fat, I joined a gym and had just eaten, but suddenly I saw a lot of changes I had stomach fat, if necessary, in a few weeks. Does not work for me. Later I discovered that I have not really proven formula for women to lose belly fat fast

Diet - While a good diet can greatly help to reduce belly fat in women, do not qualify, may mean that end in the diet that makes you put more weight or simply an unhealthy lifestyle. A good attitude and the decision to participate is always helpful. Get more fiber in your diet: apples, cherries, oats (soluble fiber), decreased insulin and reduce belly fat in women. Gradually add fiber to your diet and not go up and make sure you also eat the skin of fruit (like apples) or vegetables because it is where most of the fibers. For the potatoes to eat, eat the skin too. Even baked potatoes contain more vitamins and minerals to the skin. So peas are a rich source of fiber. Eat more soup, split pea greatly increase your fiber intake. A cup of peas contains only 16.3 grams of protein.


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